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Ida Nudel Appeals to High Court to Save Arab Agents

Apr 6, 2005 -  former Prisoner of Zion filed a petition with the Supreme Court this morning to induce Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to come to the aid of fifteen Arabs sentenced to death by the [...]

Arafat’s new PM behind Munich Olympics attacks?

Apr 29, 2003 - President Yasser Arafat’s newly appointed Palestinian Authority prime minister does not have the pristine past touted by his supporters, charges an Israeli civil rights group. Mahmoud Abbas, known as Abu Mazen, provided [...]

Holy Fire

Dec 30, 2000 - Hundreds of visitors came to pay condolence calls to the family in shock over such a senseless murder. Esh Kodesh Gilmore was just 25, working as a security guard at an Israeli [...]

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