If successful the families say, they will have prevented funds from Hamas that could be used to launch terror attacks against more Israelis as well as bolster the organizations strength in controlling the Gaza Strip

The families who were to be represented by Shurat HaDin, Israel Law Center, argue that financial ramifications may adversely affect the terror organization’s ability to instigate terror attacks.

In a groundbreaking move, the families have added to their class action suit three money changers who have worked in the service of Hamas and facilitated the transfer of funds from Iran to the Gaza rulers.

“Make no mistake, Hamas are all terrorists,” said Herzl Hajaj, father of Shir, a 22-year old soldier who was murdered in Jerusalem.

“This is a terror organization and we should not try to reach any (diplomatic) agreements with them.”

He added: “It is vital to take financial measures against them as there is an entire monetary scheme in play making them a profit from killing Jews.”

There is slim chance that the suit will be successful or that the compensation received will be anything other than very low. Yet the case is unique because of the three money changers, who have assets and bank accounts in the United States that have already been confiscated.
If the court finds in favor of the plaintiffs, legal action could be taken in the U.S. to claim those funds.

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, the head of Shurat HaDin who is representing the families said: “This is an ongoing battle but the only way to weaken these terror groups is to target their source of funding.

“Money is what allows Hamas to control the civilian population in the Gaza Strip, it allows their production of rockets and mortars and it allows them to maintain an army of killers ready to do their bidding.”
She also expressed the hope that by targeting “their funding channels, we may bring them down.”

Source: Ynet