‘Under the Radar’ Inaugural Edition

The Question: Will Iran receive airplanes from Boeing? According to Foreign Policy Magazine, if President Trump is serious about curbing Iran then he will not permit Boeing to sell airplanes to Iran. Yet, the new Deputy Defense Secretary is a former VP of Boeing and thus the aerospace giant seemingly has an ally in important places.

Hot Tourist Attraction: That is what you might think based on the number of flights per week between Tehran and Damascus.  In reality, Iran uses these flights under the guise of regular commercials flight to continue shipping fighters and weapons to Syria and transport wounded fighters from the battlefield back to Iran.  However, if you want to visit Damascus on an Iran Air flight, you certainly won’t find the departure time listed on the Iran Air website.

Not Surprising: The IDF has released a video showing Hezbollah spying on Israel on the Lebanese border under the pretense of an environmental organization. We are not surprised. Terrorist organizations have proven time and again their creativity and resourcefulness in funding and carrying out their terrorist schemes.

Ideology Isn’t Enough if you want to carry out a terrorist attack. You need money! So if you are an ISIS wannabe in the Philippines, where will you get money from? Enter  Western Union. Just as regular people use this service to transfer money from one place to another, so do terrorists.

Their Plans Backfired:  SodaStream Executive says that the BDS campaign against his company actually helped increase brand awareness and did not hurt the company one bit!