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February 18, 2014 – The Tel Aviv based civil rights group, Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center, has announced it will be hosting another of it’s “Ultimate Mission to Israel” this May 26, through June 2, 2014. The organization which pioneered the use of civil lawsuits and legal actions against the Palestinian and Islamic terrorist organizations in courtrooms worldwide, has been conducting cutting-edge tours of Israel since 2003. The eight day long May trip promises to provide participants with a behind the scenes view of the extreme security challenges the Jewish State is currently facing.

According to Shurat HaDin’s director, attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner: “The Ultimate Mission is a first hand and dynamic investigation of the strategic battle being waged against the terrorist groups who threaten Israel’s survival including Hezbollah in the North, the Syrians on the Golan and the PLO and Hamas on our other borders. This is the real Israel as seen through the eyes of the IDF commanders, the intelligence analysts, and strategic policy makers who shape and lead Israel’s multifaceted war on terrorism.”

From field trips to the Lebanese and Syrian front lines to briefings with Mossad officials and private talks with Israeli war heroes, senior members of the government and former Arab undercover operatives, travelers will discover that the Ultimate Mission offers unparalleled access at an incredible value into the military, humanitarian, judicial, religious and political reality of the Jewish State. You’ll experience first hand how Israel is fighting for its survival in the geopolitical reality of the Middle East today. The tour includes such hotspots as the Erez Crossing into Gaza, exclusive visits to IDF bases, observing a Hamas court trial and an insider’s tour of the controversial security fence. It allows participants to put a visual picture to the places making world headlines everyday.

Situated at the crossroads of three continents – Europe, Asia, and Africa – and in the midst of the political hotbed that is the Middle East, Israel is an intriguing and alluring travel destination where culture, religion and politics coalesce. It is filled with diversity and intrigue calling to travelers from all corners of the world. Participants on the Ultimate Mission will discover that the issues in the Israeli-Arab conflict are not black and white, but rather complex narratives intertwined in both the physical landscape as well as the historical memories binding the Israeli people.

With shores that touch the Mediterranean and Red Sea and borders that span from Syria to Egypt, options for adventure and activity abound. The Ultimate Mission includes both scenic and cultural opportunities such as going ATV’ing on the Golan Heights, boating in the moonlight on the Sea of Galilee, touring along the border with Gaza and also celebrating a traditional Shabbat dinner in the Old City of Jerusalem. The tour is strictly kosher and the program “Shomer Shabbat.”

With so much to see, learn and experience, Shurat HaDin prides itself on the fact that this travel program is designed by specialists with a deep knowledge and a unique level of access into the fabric of what and who really composes life here in Israel. “Our professional team of tour organizers will accompany the group every step of the way creating a first class experience that will open each participant’s eyes to the wonders of Israel, making them want to come back and visit again,” says Darshan-Leitner.

Howard Feldman of Del Mar California, who has attended several of the prior Ultimate Mission trips, states: “Before my first mission, I checked references. One of them happened to be a friend who had traveled to Israel 25 times. She told me it was the best trip she ever attended, and she was repeating it again. The trip promises many interesting experiences, and delivers in spades. I would recommend this to anyone, especially someone who has visited Israel before. Outstanding program – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!”

The Ultimate Mission participants are expected to leave this experience with a newfound understanding of the complex environment both from which this country was born and is still struggling within. With 5 star accommodations, luxury transportation, a personal cell phone and the highest level of Kosher culinary delights accompanying participants along the way, one should not miss out on the chance of a lifetime to explore Israel as one never could before.

As Darshan-Leitner explains: “The crisis over Syrian chemical weapons, the chaos in Egypt, the escalating Hezbullah missile threat and the Iranian nuclear program have created a new reality for Israel’s military and security services that the May 2014 Ultimate Mission will explore in depth. The briefings by the intelligence and IDF officials amazed our earlier groups as they clearly exhibited the extreme challenges Israel is facing in the on-going war against the terrorists. No other tour has ever presented the hard-core realities of Israel’s struggle for survival like the Ultimate Mission.”

Those seeking further information about the Ultimate Mission and the costs involved are requested to email:[email protected] or call: 212-591-0073 or 646-661-2811.