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The Israeli NGO Shurat HaDin, Israel Law Center, sent on Sunday a request to the Prime Minister and Minister of Communications Binyamin Netanyahu demanding an immediate halt to the allocation of radio frequencies and television to the Palestinians because of the incitement murder of Israelis and Jews.

According to a letter sent by the lawyer Nitsana Darshan-Leitner , director of Shurat HaDin, the Israeli government distributes said frequencies under the Oslo Accords. However, radio and television programs would be used by the AP to support the current wave of terrorism and incitement to murder.

Incitement to murder is a violation of the commitments made by the Palestinian Authority under the Oslo Accords, and incitement to genocide is a crime under international law. Shurat HaDin threatened to take the government to the Court Supreme if he does not stop immediately.

The letter also said that much of the terror in the recent wave of attacks would be instigated by the official radio of the AP and TV, with leaders who encourage such attacks. According to them, this would be shown during the attack by Bader Abdullah Murad ADAIS, the Arab terrorist 16 years old who stabbed to death at his home Dafna Meir to Othniel. The latter would have admitted that he was inspired by Palestinian television to launch its deadly attack.

“It is inconceivable that the Israeli government continues to give the Palestinians who advocate killing Jews access to television and radio frequencies. “In Rwanda, the heads of TV and radio which called for incitement to genocide have been found guilty of war crimes,” said Darshan-Leitner.

“The United States and European Jewish communities are fighting successfully to close the Muslim propaganda broadcasts on radio and television. Only Israel is let go. The government must adopt a zero tolerance policy for inciting the murder of Jews and to stop the allocation of frequencies immediately , “she added.