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A group of Israeli farmers from the south left for The Hague on Monday, intending to file a petition with the International Court of Justice against Hamas. The petition, to be filed with the assistance of the Israel Law Center (Shurat Hadin), charges Hamas with terrorism and demands compensation for losses due to the ongoing kite and balloon terror attacks.

The petition is to be filed as a class-action lawsuit, demanding compensation on behalf of some 50,000 residents and farmers in the Gaza border area who have been affected by the terror attacks. As the petition is filed inside the court, farmers will hold a special display outside the building, illustrating the damage caused by the Hamas-initiated fires.

This is the first civilian response to the ongoing terror attacks, in which Hamas terrorists attach flammable material to kites and balloons and launch them in the direction of Israel, where they land and set fire to farms and forests. Some 10,000 dunams of forest land have been destroyed, and the fires have also wreaked havoc with the daily routine of tens of thousands of Israelis, the petition says.