1. You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: PLO Negotiator and Israel hater, Saeb Erekat, has been trying to destroy Israel for decades in all ways possible. But then he gets sick, and for some odd reason, asks Israel – as opposed to all his European or Muslim friends –  for a lung transplant. It’s almost like the story last week of a carjacker who couldn’t figure out how to turn on the car he has just stolen and asks his victim to help him out. Shurat HaDin President, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, reveals the hypocrisy of Erekat for requesting treatment in Israel, and the absurdity of Israel agreeing.
  1. Things Are Not What They Seem: A Palestinian buys a microwave in Hebron and thinks the proceeds benefit the store owner. Think again. Last week, Israel’s security services revealed a complex money-terror trail between Turkey-Hebron-Gaza where money was given to Hamas in Turkey and used to purchase goods in Turkey. The goods were imported to Hebron and sold with the proceeds going to fund Hamas in Gaza. This only underscores the need to choke terrorist organizations from access to financial institutions.
  1. A Headache For Western Armies: A key recommendation of a  recent RAND report that studied Israel’s three wars with Gaza between 2009-2014 says that the US should incorporate combating lawfare as part of their preparation for future wars. Terrorist organizations and other rogue regimes will continue trying to use lawfare to gain an advantage against Western armies fighting in highly populated urban areas.
  1. Safe Spaces: Sorry, not referring to college campuses. However, one would think that there would some areas in the world that would be safe spaces from terrorist organizations. We would assume that Hezbollah is active in the Middle East, Western Europe and strategic places in the Western Hemisphere.  But who would have thought that they are working to gain a foothold in the Balkans such as Kosovo and Albania. Yet, when the goal is to find places for money laundering operations, terrorist recruiting and training, and political influence, many obscure places can suddenly become a hotbed for terrorist activity.
  1. You Don’t Want To Miss This: In case you missed last week’s ‘Under the Radar’, you can read it here.