On Thursday, terror struck again, this time in Barcelona. In the aftermath of the attack, law enforcement, intelligence organizations, anti-terror units, will all pool together their resources in an effort to find all the perpetrators of this act of terror. Their scrutiny of the evidence will be geared towards fingerprints, DNA, phone calls, purchases, footage from the attack and other intelligence information which can assist them in connecting the dots of this terrorist plot.

At Shurat HaDin, the aftermath of a terrorist attack raises different types of questions.  We hope that law enforcement catches the terrorists speedily, but our work goes beyond the perpetrators themselves. A terrorist apparatus is like a business, and the terrorist who executes an attack is part of a larger organizational structure. This includes fundraising, marketing, logistics, revenue from products and more.  We look to dry up the sources of income for terrorist organizations and ensure that communications platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and more, will not be accessible to these people.

The questions we ask are as follows:

  1. Who is the terrorist and what organization is he related to?
  2. What were the resources used for the attack?
  3. Who was funding the attack?
  4. What were the means used to channel the money to the terrorist (banks, wire transfers, Western Union etc.)?
  5. How did the terrorist(s) become inspired to commit this attack and can we trace it back to the illegal use of online platforms?
  6. Based on the information we have gathered, what laws can be used to go after those funding and facilitating the attack?