In Israel, there is currently a new TV series called “Cover Story”. Cover Story is about the Mossad and is filled with anecdotes and observations from former Mossad agents about the Mossad and all aspects of its work. The framework of the series is interviews with former Mossad agents where they reflect on what it’s like to work for the Mossad, and discuss stories about past missions while there are footage and pictures related to the missions that they discuss. At first glance, when one thinks of the Mossad, what comes to mind? For many, it’s the idea of some Israeli agent stealing another country’s secrets, or a group of undercover agents on a motorcycle placing a bomb on the side of a car as it waits at an intersection and speeding away, or something like the mysterious operation that happened in Dubai a few years ago. But is that really what the Mossad deals with?

Sometimes when one thinks about the army, the ideal soldier that comes to mind is a tall, muscular person who is physically fit to do any task necessary. Yet, in reality, the uber soldier can be some short, scrawny soldier, but one with the willpower of a lion and the desire to accomplish the mission no matter what.

If one wants to change the world, where should they start? Maybe raising money for hungry children in Africa, or entering conflict ridden zones with the quest to make peace and stop the bloodshed, or trying to find the cure to cancer. In an inspiring commencement address in 2014 at the University of Texas, Admiral William Mcraven said that the key to changing the world starts by making your bed in the morning. Who would think that such a small act would be an important component in the quest to change the world?

Returning to the Mossad, in one of the episodes of the series, the agents talk about the Mossad as being about a person’s soul.  The involvement of recruiting spies in a foreign country, or using local people to infiltrate a certain country’s government or other agencies, comes down to dealing with the intricate business of a person’s soul.  “How do you bring a person to betray his country, his homeland?”, ask a former Mossad agent. “What is the process that a person like that has to undergo? It’s about understanding a person’s soul. We are dealing with people’s souls.” One might think that this area is reserved for a psychologist, but in reality, this is a central aspect in creating a successful spy agency.

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