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Shurat Hadin president Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, who is active in defending Israel from international charges of war crimes and has taken the initiative in successfully suing Arab sponsors of terror that affected US citizens,, responded to the Palestinian complaint to the Hague International Criminal Court (ICC) regarding the Gaza blockade.

The ICC accepted the Palestinian Authority, calling it “Palestine” although its members are supposed to be independent countries. Israel and six other countries never ratified the founding treaty of the court, but Israel responded that if the so-called country of “Palestine” could sue Israel now that it is an ICC member, Israel could sue the PA for human rights violations as well.

Darshan-Leitner said that “It’s outrageous and cynical that the Palestinians have filed complaints against Israel in the international criminal court. The Palestinians fired thousands of deadly rockets into Israeli civilian neighborhoods trying to murder innocent Jews, and now they run to the Hague pretending that they are victims of war crimes.

“This proves how dangerous and useless the International criminal court really is.

“Recently Russia and several African countries announced that they are withdrawing their ICC membership because they saw how ineffective the court really is. The court is another failed European initiative and should be dismantled.

“They have done nothing to stop the genocide in Syria and Yemen but feel the urge to investigate Israel. They already have ignored acts that violate the Oslo accords and other international agreements with their biased approach towards Israel. ‏

“If the Palestinians would not funnel all of their cement into terror tunnels and all of their iron into terror activities, there would be no need for checkpoints around Gaza.”