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Shurat Hadin, the Israel Law Center, has asked the public to help with their mission. They are organizing a lawsuit against Palestinain Television, and bringing the case to the Hague tribunal in the Netherlands.

Shurat Hadin is demanding that the Palestinians stop incitement to murder Jews. The ask the public to sign their name and be part of the lawsuit. The more people who join, the bigger the case against the Palestinian Television will be.
In the video they ask what would happen if American television consistently told viewers that we should kill Muslims, and show clips of famous television personalities dubbed saying “Let’s kill all the Muslims”. They then show real clips of Palestinian television berating Jews, and telling people they should be killed.

This is not theoretical but real anti-Semitism that is viewed by thousands of people each day.

Watch the clip and please sign the petition so we can show people that hate us that they cannot win. Sign here: