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Israel Law Center posts video blasting social network for “facilitating incitement of radical Islamic terrorism” • Center has taken Facebook to court, saying it effectively gives “material support” to Hamas • Director: Social media is like guns and bombs.

The Shurat Hadin Israel Law Center, an organization dedicated to fighting terrorism and safeguarding Jewish rights worldwide, launched a new online campaign Monday that lays blame on Facebook for not doing enough to combat terrorist activity.

The organization posted a new video called “Who’s behind terror — Rewound,” inspired by the movie Memento, showing a sequence of scenes from an Islamic State attack in New York back to the initial online recruiting three months earlier. “Turning a blind eye to violent incitement is a dangerous and reckless policy,” the narrator says.

“Facebook facilitates incitement of radical Islamic terror; it must stop. Share this video to stop terrorist incitement on Facebook,” he continues.

“Facebook continues to provide a platform for Hamas, its leaders and its affiliated groups,” Israel Law Center Director Nitsana Darshan-Leitner told Israel Hayom. “We are going to ratchet up the pressure on Facebook in our global campaign, because this matter has become a global threat; Facebook must be held accountable for its role.”

According to Darshan-Leitner, “Social media networks have been allowed for too long to assume that antiterrorism laws do not apply to them … and we plan to put an end to this notion, because social media have become an essential part of international terrorism, much like guns, bombs and money.”

The Israel Law Center sued Facebook in 2015 in response to a spate of terrorist attacks in Israel. According to the organization, the suit (Cohen v. Facebook) was filed “on behalf of 20,000 Israelis, to prevent Palestinian terrorists from inciting murder against Jews on its platform.”

The center wants an injunction issued against Facebook “requiring it to monitor incitement and to respond immediately to complaints about inciting content.”

In July 2016, the center filed a $1 billion lawsuit against the organization (Force v. Facebook), seeking damages for victims of Hamas terrorism. According to the Israel Law Center’s website, Facebook effectively provided the group “material support and resources … in the form of Facebook services.”