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Shurat Hadin – Israel Law Center announced on Tuesday its first online campaign in the US with a viral video that charges Facebook with inciting terrorism worldwide and seeks to generate public support for two major lawsuits against the social media giant.

The video, “Who’s Behind Terror? Rewind!,” inspired by the movie “Memento,” opens with a slow-motion replay of a terrorist bombing attack in New York City.

It then “rewinds time” by 10 minutes, two hours, 24 hours and three months, to prove the NGO’s claim that Facebook helped incite terrorists to act at key moments.

Shurat Hadin filed their first case against Facebook in 2015 on behalf of 20,000 Israelis during the first weeks of the “stabbing intifada.” It was originally named Lakin v. Facebook after American-Israeli Richard Lakin, who was wounded in an attack by two Palestinians armed with a knife and a gun on an Israeli bus, but the name was changed to Cohen v. Facebook after Lakin died of his wounds. The case seeks an injunction to require Facebook to act more forcefully against incitement.

The second case seeks $1 billion in damages on behalf the families of five Israeli victims, including US Army veteran Taylor Force, of the terrorist group Hamas.

A hearing to decide whether the cases will proceed to trial is scheduled for January 19 at a federal court in Brooklyn.