In 2006, Hezbollah launched an attack on Israel by kidnapping two Israeli soldiers and firing a barrage of rockets into Israeli territory.

Over 4,000 rockets were launched, wreaking havoc and killing and maiming numerous Israeli and foreign citizens. North Korea substantially contributed to Hezbollah’s activities by providing material support including the construction of tunnels and bunkers for rocket storage facilities, the provision of vital missile components, and the training of senior Hezbollah officials in North Korea.

In April 2009, 30 American Israelis sued the government of North Korea for more than $100 million under the Antiterrorism Act and the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act in the D.C. District Court for materially aiding and abetting Hezbollah in these attacks. Because North Korea is an officially recognized state sponsor of terrorism, the sovereign immunity defense that usually bars countries from being sued in U.S. courts was not available to North Korea. In July 2014, the federal court found North Korea liable for plaintiffs’ injuries based on its provision of material support and assistance to the Hezbollah terrorists who fired the rockets at Israel. The court entered a final default judgment against North Korea.