They Are All Over: In addition to ISIS’s terrorist attack in Barcelona two weeks ago, ISIS’s terrorist intentions span the globe. Last week, a planned chemical attack on the Indonesian Presidential palace was revealed. Spain has reportedly become a hub for ISIS terrorists. A company in Wales was being used to finance terror, and eBay was being used by a senior ISIS official to funnel money to an operative in the US.

If ISIS Isn’t There then Iran is. Head of the Mossad, Yossi Cohen, warned that Iran is working to fill the void in areas where ISIS presence has decreased. This is in addition to Iran using proxies in Yemen and Lebanon to expand its reach.

Enjoy Your Stay in Damascus: Iran continues to ship soldiers and weapons on commercial flights from Tehran to Syria. Photographic evidence of this has been brought before Congress.  A new report from an Israeli intelligence analyst has highlighted Iran’s increased influence in Syria.

We accept Mastercard, Visa and Bitcoin: Just when you thought that terror funding might be under control, suddenly there is bitcoin. Bitcoin is gaining traction for use in terror funding and cryptocurrencies, in general, are increasing in popularity as a way to fund terror because of the anonymity afforded to both the sender and recipient.

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