On July 26th, 2002, Rabbi Yosef Dikstein and his wife, Hannah, were driving with 6 of their 10 children to visit some friends in the settlement of Maon. Four terrorists, who were positioned on the side of the road that links the two settlements, were prepared to ambush the family and anyone Jewish who crossed their path.

The terrorist had, minutes prior, fatally wounded Staff Seargent Elazat Lebovitch, 21, of Hebron, who was driving two newlyweds to visit friends. When the Diksteins arrived at the scene, the terrorists began to shoot at the car. Hannah Dikstein and Shuv-el, 9, were killed while still in the front seat. Yosef, thinking that a soldier had arrived on the scene to help, exited the car; the man whom he assumed to be a soldier was instead a terrorist, and immediately shot and killed Yosef. Baby Adiel sustained light injuries, as well as Shlomo, 12, who was hospitalized. Yosef and Hannah, both teachers, left behind 9 children, all of whom stayed with Shlomo throughout his recuperation at the hospital.

The trial is ongoing.