Be Thankful that you are not Husam Zomlot. He is the Palestinian Authority (PA) representative in Washington DC with the unenviable job of defending the payments the PA makes to terrorists. However, he has clearly been unsuccessful since the Congress and Administration he is trying to convince, overwhelmingly support the Taylor Force Act.

Amazon Did What? Amazon is under federal investigation for possible violations of US sanctions against Iran. In their financial reportings, it was discovered that Amazon has sold products to an Iranian Embassy in an undisclosed location as well to other people who were on the US’s sanctions list. Amazon has promised to fully cooperate with the Department of Justice.

Keep Taking Their Money: A federal judge has awarded nearly $209 million in damages to a family injured in a 2003 Hamas suicide bombing of a bus in Israel. This is another step in the right direction of bankrupting terrorists and those that facilitate terrorism. Terror organizations, like any business in the world, need money to survive.

Al Qaeda and the Chaos Theory: According to the chaos theory, a butterfly that flaps its wings in Brazil can cause a tornado half way around the world. And this is why you should care about the civil war in Yemen. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the terror cell behind Paris’ Charlie Hebdo massacre in 2015 and a descendant of the group behind the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, has exploited the domestic turmoil to make tens of millions of dollars due to its control over swaths of Yemen’s financial centers. Unfortunately, this will better position Al-Qaeda to continue to carry out deadly attacks worldwide.

Better Late Than Never: If you missed last week’s ‘Under The Radar’, you can read it here.